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Vicky Todd - Artist



Vicky was born in Los Angeles, California and began drawing and painting at a very young age. She studied privately and at California Institute of Art in Calabasas, Valley College, Watercolor by Dorothy Harmes in San Marino, Color Theory and Experimental Art at the Atelier, Pasadena Art Center, Brentwood Art Center and various other classes.   She went on to pursue higher education in art, music, astrology and nutrition, receiving her Master of Science degree in 2005 in Holistic Nutrition.  A Professional Astrologer incorporating Holistic Nutrition on request.
A Member of California Art League (formerly Valley Artist Guild),  Malibu Art Assn., and an artist member of Los Angeles Art Assn.
Inspired by nature, astrology, healing, beauty, spirituality, and the universe, Vicky's art reflects bold and confident uses of color and medium in her work. 





(Above) Article of Vicky Ann Todd featured in the Valley Artists Guild newsletter.

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